Slick ™  Magnetic Phone Case
Slick ™  Magnetic Phone Case
Slick ™  Magnetic Phone Case

Slick ™ Magnetic Phone Case

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Most cases are large, bulky, and uncomfortable. They also tend to sacrifice your iPhone's natural feel and incredible visuals for protection. Imagine if you could protect your beautiful iPhone from everyday use without compromising on style, usability or even feel...

Well, we have a secret for you: Discover the New Slick  Case, a magnetic case that gives your phone full protection while keeping its original look. Our customers are absolutely in love with this case! 



• HASSLE FREE  - No more hard to fit in cases! Our case snaps into place instantly, equipped with Super™ Magnets. Also crafted from Grade A aluminum, our case is extra lightweight yet less prone to damage.

• NO INTERFERENCE - The case does not interfere with any signals, Wi-Fi or Wireless Charging. Aluminum is well-known to effectively amp up wireless signal, so you're not only assured no loss of connection, it helps boost it even more!

• INCREDIBLY TOUGH - Shock absorbing, to prevent Your iPhone from breaking. Our case features multiple magnets for guaranteed stable adsorption and stronger suction force, so it won’t easily fall off to better protect your beloved phone.

• 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE - Made from Premium Grade Aluminum and 9H Tempered glass, giving it scratch resistant capabilities and a luxurious feel! Cleverly designed sidebars keeps your screen, camera and phone body from direct damage for those inevitable accidental phone drops.

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